Ignacio FilippiniOwner and Teacher
Ever since graduation from Bikram Yoga College of India, Ignacio has worked full-time as a Bikram Yoga teacher at more than 15 studios all around the US and Canada. He was coached by some of the best Bikram Yoga teachers in the world. They taught him how to work with people of all different physical and mental abilities, and how to optimize the Bikram practice for each individual’s specific needs. His goal is to teach this healing yoga to as many people as possible.

Bikram Yoga helps you feel better, think clearer, and enables you to have a full and complete mind-body connection.


– Ignacio Filippini

Deborah Kearney
Deborah KearneyTeacher
Myra Aronson
Myra AronsonTeacher
Dan Antoniello
Dan AntonielloTeacher

Vinod Singh
Vinod SinghVisiting Teacher
Gerardo Nelson Candolino
Gerardo Nelson CandolinoVisiting Teacher
Candice Atkinson
Candice AtkinsonVisiting Teacher
Heather Plank
Heather PlankVisiting Teacher
Rasheda Charles
Rasheda Charles Visiting Teacher
Brittani Poulson
Brittani PoulsonVisiting Teacher